This replica watches features an original rose gold case and buckle

There is a saying, if you want to judge a man, it depends on the shoes he wears, but for me, it is also the existence of the watch he chooses. Women usually choose to buy things quickly and emotionally, but for men, they decide to shop when they see fashion, trends, or comfort. The replica watch on his hand reveals a part of him, the personality he really wants to reveal.

Imagine that when you go for coffee, you meet a person who chooses to wear a Richard Mille tourbillon and another chooses to wear a classic gold case replica Patek Philippe. You will have your own opinion of both of them. These are two men with two very different styles: one represents the spirit of sports and modernity, while the other is polite, traditional and even a bit "conservative"-at least in terms of clocks and replica watches.

Regarding style or history, there is a replica watch that stands out for its outstanding aristocratic temperament and is often worn by successful men. Customers who choose Rolex Day-Date as their companions are not limited to the wealthy, but also the rich and powerful in life and positions. The best proof is that in the community of Rolex replica watches lovers, they call Day-Date the Rolex President because it belongs to the great leader.

Dating back to 1956, Day-Date is still maintained by replica Rolex and has important features such as bezel, gold case and round dial, and has two windows that indicate the day and date at the same time. Did not bring revolutionary changes, Rolex only adjusted very small details, focusing on the comfort of wearing, or the stable operation of the internal movement that made the old Rolex so popular.

Today, Rolex replica watches with wooden dials are not as popular as they were from the late 1970s to the 1980s. Rolex spent a short time producing replica watches with wooden dials in series such as the Datejust and Day-Date.

Rolex Day-Date 18039, number 158, with a light brown wooden dial and smooth wavy lines, is a new "special" condition item that Antiquorum describes as "very very," with slight scratches.

As the first manufactured replica watch to appear in Antiquorum's upcoming auction, Day-Date ref. 1803 looks very classic and elegant. With an original rose gold case and buckle, this watch is one of the rarest models in good condition.